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Impressions of nature, to connect and sustain us.

Yatri uses ecological design methods such as permaculture and agro-ecology to find the most scalable, accessible and adaptable solutions to your situation. With a focus on education, collaboration and implementation of regenerative practices, our aim is to help recreate resilient communities and living landscapes to feed the future. 

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When I hear Jackson speak, and watch his work; I see the full expression of the perfect alignment between his thought, his word and his action. 

The serenity of the spaces he creates seem to come out of nowhere. The result is a place of peace, respect and fusion with our inner garden. 

Frederic Levy, Altanure 


 Yatri are a group of mindful problem solvers, which has been valuable as we strive to adapt to the local environment and build on what is readily available to us.  Most importantly, for whoever shares the idea that such projects should also be fun. Jackson is easy and positive, making it a pleasure to work with him… Here is to many more trees and shrubs we will be planting and caring for together!

Edouard Rollet, Quinta Bohemia

 Jackson combines a two-fold approach which I really like. He seems very laid back and extremely calm but his mind is working at high speed. In a very short time, he is able to see the overall picture and think globally, which is a rare skill. A rare profile with a strong eco consciousness and at the same time always result oriented. 

Miguel Cotton, Orchard of Flavours 

Flexible consultancy solutions to find the possibilities adaptable to your space! 

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