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Private property "Olive Tree Garden" - Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal


November 2022 - Ongoing

Conceptual design + Consultancy for a private property. Garden design, improved accessibility/soft landscaping, restoration and expansion of native and beneficial varieties to create a more balanced and self-maintaining system.  (See some before and after below)


"Can Beneta" - Sant Iscle de Vallalta, Maresme, Catalunya


August 2022 - Ongoing

Conceptual design, by Filip Micoletti for a community project (three families). In “Can Beneta”, Sant Iscle de Vallata. The intention is to recover a self-sufficient, sustainable rural way of life, seeking food, social, and environmental resilience, based on the principles of Permaculture. 

"Pomar dos Sabores" Orchard of Flavours 


November 2020 - Ongoing


Collaborative design, article writing, strategic planning, botanical garden acreditation process and more - at Pomar Dos Sabores "An Edible Botanical Garden" 

I am a privileged partner of the Orchard of Flavours Botanical garden. This garden, located near Tavira, is dedicated to all the fruit trees of warm climates that can be acclimatized in Algarve. Since its beginning, I took part in this open source educational project. It enabled me to study, plant and observe a large number of very interesting, often lesser known fruit trees, many of which have proven to work very well in this climate. 

Orchard of Flavours website can provide you with invaluable information about the world of fruit trees. For example, it will provide you with a list of drought tolerant fruit tree possibilities for your garden. It also contains educational articles, many of which I co-authored, about all the techniques we have used!


A visit to Orchard of flavours is without a doubt one of the most interesting experiences in this region, you will learn so much and Miguel is an excellent guide!


Learn, discover, and look at some of the work we've done together at

Casa Colombo  


January 2022 - Ongoing

Conceptual co-design + consultancy for a residential self-sufficiency project.

The goals of the owner are to have a useful yet attractive, low maintenance and circular design. Making the most of recycled water sources and what is already available, retrofitting an old Portuguese house with all that is necessary to switch from reliance to regenerative.


Quinta Bohemia


November 2021 - Ongoing

Conceptual Design for eco-tourism site - to improve the accessibility, edibility and diversity of the existing landscaped areas - Expansion of existing orchards.


September 2022 - Ongoing


Article writing and growing guides for an open source plant database. Where you can Discover, Learn and Grow! Check it out here




January 2021 - Jan 2022

Agri-tourism and retreat centre - development of volunteer program, training of volunteers, kitchen garden project for farm to table concept and tours - kitchen garden expansion project into diverse polyculture -

Educational garden tours - "Connect with nature" garden tours.

Earth & Water, Gestão e Projectos Ambientais 


January 2021 - Ongoing

Hands-on project involvement in various plantation projects of residential, edible & useful garden concepts.

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