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About Yatri

"Yatri" means Traveller, or someone on a journey. All living beings are travelling in their life, on their own unique journey. The significance of each journey can be perceived differently, but we are all part of the same.

Yatri is a collective of collaborators, designers and educators, who aim to encourage and cultivate a regenerative path.

Like a forest; we share our energy, knowledge and resources. We each have our own niche environment, but with each tree we propagate or plant, and each seed we sow, we extend our connections and cultivate resilience beyond what is visible. 




We specialise in Permaculture Consultancy and Design in a diverse range of projects, don't hesitate to reach out!



We also specialise in education, courses and events, ranging from one-day wild food foraging, to forest garden tours, to two-week Permaculture Design Courses and workshops. 

You can see our events here!

Yatri is an Evolving Collective of Designers 

Jackson Knights
(Southern Portugal)

Jackson has always been fascinated by different ecosystems and environments, and the art and science of growing. He has practised and observed in a variety of environments. In Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, India, Portugal, Spain and many other places. 

His intention is to collaborate and help people to make informed decisions with confidence, while gaining a better understanding of their surroundings. 


With a background in Horticulture and a hands on approach to design. His specialties are implementation of ecological landscaping, earthworks and water harvesting, water recyling and food forest design.


Filip Micoletti
(Italy, Barcelona) 

Filip is a passionate teacher, he has studied pedagogy and has many years of experience in Waldorf education. 

He enjoys creating natural and intuitive permaculture designs, with an embedded Educational Process. In the design journey you develop together, he creates an inclusive design process so you can confidently understand your ecosystem! 


His specialities are foraging and wild foods, forest gardens, keyline design, poultry keeping, freediving and marine permaculture. This mix of passion and curiosity has taken him on a studious journey from Morocco's millenary food forests, to community management in Scandinavian countries, Sicilian ancient water harvesting techniques, Canadian wild flora, and Marine ecology in Spain.

Filipo .jpg

Quinta Kania
(Central Portugal)

Kasia and Franz, owners of Quinta Kania in Central Portugal. 

A resilient team that loves to get things happening, and efficiently!

Their property has been consciously designed as a functional, and educational farm. Living a life with the land, and growing food has always been at the centre of their attention. Quinta Kania is 4 hectares of functional fun. A food forest and vegetable garden to harvest from and relax in, circular geodome spaces such as the community kitchen and classrooms, yurt, wood cabin, and other cool structures to name a few. Their recent addition is a natural pool, adding biodiversity and a place to cool off in summer! 

Not only are they passionate about food and growing it, they are also very good at mixing modern and natural building techniques. They have many examples of practical and functional, yet creative and stylish architecture around their land that radiates with love and enthusiasm! 

You can check out their website here, to see what else they have to offer like accommodation, courses and events! 

Currently growing in these locations !
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