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Sometimes it's nice to have a fresh set of eyes on your land from someone else who also understands the elements, seasonal workflow needs, and where to place certain elements to create synergy within the landscape.

If your land already has many elements, we can still help with consultancy in all aspects of irrigation, water management, soil management and regeneration, erosion control, beneficial plant selection, diagnosis of tree illnesses, pruning, as well as many other areas related to our environment.

Conceptual Design Service

 We enjoy collaborating with both existing and new projects to be able to make the most practical decisions based on ecology, functionality, and needs of those who will co-exist with the land. We live a lifestyle close to the land, therefore we know what is needed in terms of short and long term requirements. This living knowledge of systems thinking and holistic design gives us the ability to create resilient and functional spaces. This is of great importance when working with living organisms, whose presence will long outlive ours.

Co-designing a project with us is exciting and fun, below you'll see how our service normally works, and our prices. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. If we're not working in your region, we may know someone who is!

1. Pre-visit contact

Ringing Phone

Firstly, we like to know more about your intentions, so we have a helpful questionnaire which helps you, and us, figure out which stage you are at. Whether it's your first time in the garden, or you already have your hands deep in the soil.

2. Site Visit, 
Survey and Analysis

Pencil and notepad

The site visit can be very in-depth, taking anywhere between one hour and multiple days, depending on size and complexity. Based on patterns in the way the land will be used daily, we must be able to feel where to place certain elements. What your goals are such as, self sufficiency, agri-tourism, non for profit etc. We have experience in all these sectors and sometimes it is important to adjust the site accordingly.



3. Compilation and Analysis of data collected, draft design process

Hand Drawing

We complete sector analyses taking into account existing infrastructure, climate, sun angles, wind directions, wildlife corridors, watershed, risk assessment, current infrastructure above and below ground, and much more.

This process gives us all the information we need to be able to place the required elements based on their needs, and yours.

We draft the first design proposal, to be discussed and revised if needed. 

4. Final Design


We make a final design with all the objectives of the project in detail, maps and detailed drawings.

How in-depth and types of information is highly dependent on client needs, knowledge and expectations, size of the project, and who will be managing the land going forward. 


Example: A small kitchen/herb garden where the owner is quite involved does not necessarily need a master plan, but the right tools, guidance and a maintenance calendar will go a long way. Whereas, hectares complicated land with the need to create a water retention landscape or similar, will benefit from an in-depth design.

Illustrated Plant
Watering Can

Solutions Package
- Online -

This is a series of one or two 90 minute video calls - for those with smaller and less complex parcels of land. Or those who have more specific doubts, questions, or need guidance with their project. 

*Starting from €90

Whats Included?

- Client Questionnaire

- First Video call (project introduction and survey)

- Second Video call (report and detailed steps to move your project forward) 



*we have special prices for long term clients and ongoing coaching 

Flexible Solutions Package
- On site -
(Full day or Half day)

This is for those with larger or more complicated parcels of land, who have specific questions about their land who need  more specific assistance.

*Starting from €150  + transport.

Whats Included? 

- Client Questionnaire

- Site Walk and talk 

-  Soil analysis + water (if needed)

- Detailed follow up report (Including Plant lists and recommended elements to include in your project)

*if you require less than half a day, get in contact and we can work out a flexible price for you 

Survey and Analysis of Potential

This Package is for 

is for responsible land users, who want in depth planning of how to create resilient systems that work in harmony with their land, and their lifestyle. 

 Pricing based on size of project 


Whats included?

- Client Questionnaire and Interview Process  

- Drone Imaging

- Site Survey

- Analysis of Potential

- Base Maps & Report

(For a detailed document of what's included in the  S.A.P. process, we can email it to you, click below!)

Survey and Analysis of Potential with Design and Implementation

The full conceptual design service, planning, implementation and coordination of your project - This is service is followed by the Survey and Analysis of Potential carried out by us.

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